All our boards take the "Tree to Table" journey. This is how we do it:
  • Muskoka Woodworking takes the time to talk to local arborists and salvage the trees they cut down. These trees would usually be thrown in landfill operations at the municipalities expense.
  • After the trees are cut down they are loaded and brought to the sawyer to be milled into slabs.
  • We then take the freshly cut lumber and place it in our kiln for 4-6 weeks so that it can be dried to a stable moisture level. This helps prevent the wood from cracking and warping.
  • Finally, our woodworkers turn the dried lumber into beautiful boards finished off with Viridios Finish.

We choose to have control over all of the phases wood would normally go through so that we can ensure 3 things:

1. That we never contribute to clear-cutting or the unnecessary killing of trees. We would not claim to be over the top environmentalists or "tree huggers" as some would put it, but simply have found harmony in saving on lumber prices while contributing to a better tomorrow.

2. The highest quality products. We do not have to rely on unknown third party companies to produce premium lumber. Although most lumbermills produce adequate quality lumber we feel in our to stand behind the products we also have to stand behind the lumber they are made out of.

3. Supporting local businesses. We only use local trees from Ontario and Quebec and all the sawyers (people who mill logs) are from Ontario as well.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about our process!

- Muskoka Woodworking Team